HOUSTON – Gov. Rick Perry today reaffirmed Texas’ commitment to promoting freedom, personal responsibility and the Constitution, including the rights of law-abiding gun owners. The governor spoke at the National Rifle Association (NRA) Leadership Forum at the 2013 NRA Annual Meeting.

“In Texas, we believe in freedom, personal responsibility, and the God-given right to defend yourself and your family. We never lose faith in our Founding Fathers’ wisdom to include the Second Amendment to the Constitution among the Bill of Rights,” Gov. Perry said. “A threat to gun ownership is a threat to a basic Constitutional right, and the NRA is about safe and responsible gun ownership.”


While Washington liberals continue to plot and plan additional gun control measures, Governor Perry noted that passing tighter restrictions does nothing to keep criminals from accessing firearms, rather preventing law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their families. Governor Perry has also called for greater focus on mental health issues.  “There’s still a place that loves freedom in America, and that place is called Texas,”  the governor said.

The governor also highlighted his efforts to recruit firearm manufacturers to make the move to Texas.  The governor is reaching out to more than 30 firearm and related component companies across the country in states that are considering restricting sales or manufacturing of the industry. Earlier this week, the governor spoke at the ribbon cutting for Shield Tactical, which sells firearm related gear and training services.  The company relocated to Texas from California.

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