It's no secret, I'm a 2nd Amendment supporter.  And something I've long believed is that amendment was written by the framers of our constitution because they truly understood what tyranny was all about.  They also knew how it felt to be powerless to push back.  And they wanted to ensure that you and I did not have to live that way.

No, the 2nd Amendment does not exist to allow you to hunt deer or duck; that's just a nice side benefit.  It's principle purpose is to help ensure that you are never under the thumb of a tyrant who'd just as soon kill you as look at you.  I believe the framers ideology was peace and equality through strength.  The fundamental right to keep and bear arms keeps the people on (to a degree) and equal footing of strength with the government.  America has been very fortunate to have relatively stable government for 237 years.  But the framers knew and we should understand that our stability is as much dependent on the 2nd Amendment as it is the other nine and the constitution as a whole.   How sad that some of our citizens don't understand that.

The first of these videos is from my friend Dr. Gene Howard.  Dr. Howard is a John Wayne impersonator (and a very good one at that).  As for the second video, well, most of us guys can appreciate an attractive woman who can take care of herself!  Enjoy!