Running from the police is not smart. Running from the police while still in handcuffs? It’s the stuff an episode of Cops is made of.

The Wichita County Sheriff’s Office arrested a suspect Tuesday evening on an outstanding warrant. Somehow, the handcuffed man escaped the deputy’s patrol car in the 2600 block of Southwest Parkway.

KAUZ reports that police were notified of a man inside the Stripes Convenience Store at Taft and Southwest Parkway.  Wichita Falls Police officers were sent to the scene to help with the capture.

The escapee reportedly ran up Southwest Parkway to All Saints Episcopal Church where officers quickly arrested him. 21-year-old Cory Lee Price was again arrested and now faces charges of escape and evading arrest, as well as a sealed indictment on charges of possession of a controlled substance.

As of Wednesday evening, Price was not listed as an inmate in the Wichita County Jail.

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