The unfortunate reality is that in no state can a full-time employee at minimum wage afford rent for a two-bedroom apartment. So how much do you have to make an hour to afford a home for your family in Texas?

According to CityLab, in 2018 it would take a worker at minimum wage working 122 hours to afford a regular two-bedroom apartment. In 2019, that number rose to 127 hours. However, if that worker was looking for a one-bedroom apartment, they'd only have to work 103 hours a week.

Looking at Fair Market Rent in each state, which considers fair rent to make up no more than 30% of a worker's wages, in only 28 states can a full-time minimum-wage worker afford a one-bedroom apartment. While many states have minimum wages higher than the nationally mandated $7.25 per hour, no state has a minimum wage high enough to support a family.

When looking at how much someone would have to make per hour for full-time work to afford a two-bedroom apartment, Texas is in the middle of pack coming in as the 20th most expensive state, but it is still nearly three-times the state's minimum wage, which matches the federal minimum of $7.25 per hour:

Hawaii $36.82
California $34.69
Massachusetts $33.81
New York $30.76
New Jersey $28.86
Washington $27.78
Maryland $27.52
Connecticut $25.40
Colorado $25.33
Alaska $24.84
New Hampshire $23.23
Virginia $23.13
Oregon $22.97
Florida $22.86
Vermont $22.78
Delaware $21.97
Rhode Island $20.86
Illinois $20.85
TEXAS $20.29
Maine $19.91
Minnesota $19.74
Arizona $19.52
Pennsylvania $19.35
Nevada $18.85
Georgia $18.42
Utah $18.30
South Carolina $17.27
Michigan $17.25
North Carolina $16.95
Louisiana $16.86
Wisconsin $16.77
North Dakota $16.65
Tennessee $16.58
Wyoming $16.46
New Mexico $16.34
Nebraska $16.08
Indiana $16.03
Missouri $16.00
Montana $15.97
Kansas $15.92
Ohio $15.73
Oklahoma $15.54
Idaho $15.47
Iowa $15.44
South Dakota $15.30
Alabama $14.92
Kentucky $14.84
Mississippi $14.43
West Virginia $14.27
Arkansas $14.26

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