The man who confessed to murdering a Wichita Falls teenager offered police a bizarre and disturbing reason for the killing: the devil told him to do it.

According to an arrest affidavit, 20-year-old Kody Lott told police he’d seen 13 year-old Lauren Landavazo walking with her boyfriend and became jealous because he had no girlfriend and was attracted to the teenage girl.

Lott told police he planned the attack which left Landavazo dead and her friend, 13 year-old  Makayla Smith, wounded.  Smith remains hospitalized with at least a single gunshot wound.   Preliminary autopsy results showed Landavazo was shot 14 times with a .22 caliber rifle.  Police recovered 15 .22 caliber shell casings at the scene of the shooting in the 5100 block of Kingston.

Lott told police he had stolen the rifle from his stepfather’s home at the Fountaingate apartments and, following the shooting, he threw the rifle into a field.  He returned the next day to the field to retrieve the rifle and place it back in his step-fathers apartment.  Lott also told police that he was upset that local media had referred to the killing as senseless, saying he “planned and thought it out after talking to the devil about it”.

Lott remains in the Wichita Count y Jail charged with murder, aggravated assault and a prohibited weapons charge stemming from a pair of brass knuckles found inside the SUV he was driving at the time of his arrest.    Lott’s bond’s total $4 million.

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