The 2020 Presidential election is not officially decided, despite the best efforts of multiple media outlets trying to convince you that it is. We’ve heard much since November 3rd about Dominion and Smartmatic, the voting systems companies at the center of suspected voter fraud issues in this election. But the other suspect component in all of this is something that’s been around for as long as we can remember: absentee and mail in voting.

The issue with these is the disparity from state to state in how these ballots are handled, counted and verified. This is where the whole system gets bogged down in controversy, especially during a presidential election. Uniformity in how these ballots are processed and, most especially, verified as legitimate, is key to restoring American’s faith in this method of casting votes. We can’t simply eliminate absentee and mail in voting, but we can make the process uniform across all 50 states, but this will require the cooperation of the legislatures of these states.

I’ve drafted a petition, asking the legislatures of all 50 states to adopt a set of uniform rules regarding absentee and mail in voting. I believe that in person voting, whether early on election day, is always the most secure method of casting your ballot. But there are times when absentee and mail in voting is not only appropriate but necessary (such as deployed military personnel). But just having a uniform set of policies will not only make that process more secure, it will help to restore America’s faith in those methods.

Sign the petition today at this location.

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