Yet another young school teacher has been caught in an affair with a student.

23 year-old Alaina Danielle Ferguson allegedly began an affair with a 16 year-old student after he wrote his Snapchat profile name on a test paper.  According to various media reports, Ferguson went to work at Plano Senior High School in August and resigned in October.

The teenager involved reportedly began talking about the affair and it didn’t take long for school officials to find out what the pair had been up to.  The Daily Mail reports that the pair had sex on a park bench, in the back of the teen’s truck and at the McKinney apartment of Ferguson’s fiancée.  The engagement has since been called off.

It’s also reported Ferguson sent the teen nude photos of her and played beer pong with him.  Ferguson was arrested on Wednesday on a charge of sexual assault and was released Thursday on a $100,000 bond.  Officials have fitted her with an electronic monitoring device and she’s been ordered to deactivate all social media accounts and stay off the internet.

Here's the report from KTVT-11 in Dallas:


Sources: KTVT; The Daily Mail,

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