The hatred for the Astros is strong in this country.

I don’t ever recall a study to determine who each state was rooting for to win a championship being this lopsided.

Researchers at used geotagged Twitter data, tracking tweets in each state using hashtags such as #BattleATL and #ForTheH to reach their conclusions and found only three states were rooting for the Astros to win the World Series: Texas, Louisiana and Delaware.

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Texas and Louisiana I can see, but Delaware, not so much. I’m guessing there are a whole lot of New York Mets fans there. It’s no secret those two teams can’t stand one another.

But with that being said, the majority of people in New York and New Jersey are actually going for the Braves to win the World Series. I would’ve called bullsh*t on that one prior to 2019, when news broke of the Astros’ infamous sign-stealing scandal.

It says a lot that fans are willing to root for their arch rival rather than pull for the Astros.

And I have to be honest with you – I’m a Rangers fan, therefore I hate the Astros with a passion. But in years past, I would swallow my pride and hope the Texas team won, even though it pained me to root for them.

Not this year, though. Combine the cheating scandal with the fact that our beloved former Rangers manager Ron Washington is now the third base coach for the Braves and I would much rather see Atlanta win it all.

Something tells me I’m not the only Ranger fan who feels that way.

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