Last week, a heated exchange between the Wichita Falls ISD Athletic Director and a former Rider High School coach set off a firestorm on social media.  KAUZ reports that, at Monday’s regularly scheduled board meeting, dozens of people looked on as three individuals gave their account of what happened on the Rider High School practice field a week ago.

Three of the dozens of parents and grandparents who attended the meeting addressed the board about the fallout from WFISD AD Scott Hafley’s profanity laced tirade toward NFL Flag Football coach Eric Ward.  Ward had been given permission to use a portion of the field.  Hafley arrived and ordered Ward to “get those f*****g kid’s off my $1.2 million dollar field”.

The expletive filled rant took place in front of some 200 kids and adults.  Many have called for Hafley to be fired or to resign from his position.  The Wichita Falls ISD board did not take any action at the meeting on the matter.  A formal statement on the matter from the district could be released as early as this week.

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