The actions of two women ruined the first party for one three-year-old. It looks like people are coming together to throw a new and better one.

You may have seen a video a few days ago on social media of a pair of women who decided to tear down a three-year-old's birthday party. Apparently, this video was from Houston at the  Urban Palms Apartment Complex. The pair of women wanted the party to be over so they took it upon themselves to end it.

They started dismantling tables and chairs, while people were still sitting there enjoying cake. I'm assuming the two were upset that the party was happening on the walkway to the apartments. The mom to the little girl said she only received a complaint about loud music, which she turned down when asked.

I'm happy to report a GoFundMe was setup for the little girl to have a new birthday party. That money will also be going to the damages for the chairs and tables that the two women threw around. They were rented from a party company. The family also says the new party will be somewhere else and not at the apartment complex.

Soany Barella who is the mother to the three-year-old girl has requested to move to another building in the apartment complex, which they have obliged. She said she will not be living next to the two women by the end of the week.

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