R.I.P. to Mr. Joe Cuba.

Back in 2019, it seemed like the world came together to help out one man in Wichita Falls. His name is Joe Cuba and he had a very simple request. 100 cards for his upcoming 100th birthday. Thanks to the internet, Joe got way more than 100 cards. Tens of thousands of cards came piling in for Joe.

I thought it would be nice to get Joe a cake for his 100th birthday, so I got Joe the biggest cake I could from Circle M Bakery. Little did I know, EVERYONE had the same idea that day. They had enough cakes to keep Chuck E. Cheese stocked for the next few months. The folks at the nursing home ate well the next few days I am sure.

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Sadly, I learned this afternoon our friend Joe Cuba passed away at the age of 102. He would have been 103 in March. Joe's story went viral thanks to Reddit and everyone just wanting to send this awesome WW2 veteran a simple card. I'm just thankful I was able to add one to his pile and man if you could have seen the cards coming in from all over the world for Joe.

It's nice to know before all this craziness in the world, everyone could come together and take a second out of their day to make one man's birthday wish come true. Rest in Peace Joe, glad I got to celebrate your 100th birthday you. You were definitely the most popular man in Wichita Falls that day.

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