You think you're a Whataburger fan? Not as much as four-year-old Khilar Monroe.

Living in Texas, we see Whataburger pride all throughout our state. I have done MANY stories on some of the crazy things that Whataburger fans have done throughout our state. We have seen some Whataburger parties before, but none right here in Wichita Falls.

Khilar held her party at the Whataburger on Southwest Parkway. The folks at Whataburger were glad to have Khilar in there and she even got the official Whataburger birthday supplies. Now all of that is cool, but we need to talk about this cake. That is an absolutely beautiful burger and fries. Even the frosting was in the Whataburger orange and white style.

Also, Khilar even had an orange and white dress and matching hair clip. Hopefully, some folks at Whataburger corporate see this and maybe get her in a commercial one day.

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