Turning 100 should be a massive celebration, but with the coronavirus pandemic going on. Big parties are probably not a good idea. I think this family did something pretty awesome.

Over in Dallas, MaryBelle Judd turned 100-years-old this past weekend. The family wanted to do something special. With everything closed right now, they didn't know what to do. So the Judds contacted the Dallas Symphony Orchestra to see if some violinists would come out for a performance.

MaryBelle was a violinist for that very orchestra from the 50's to the 80's. Two violinists came out, along with some family and neighbors. Everyone social distanced from each other outside for the performance. "Grandma was thrilled and loved it... I am not sure when the last time she had heard violins play live," granddaughter Suzie Chafin says. "She kept asking me, 'Are they really from the symphony?' in disbelief they would have a private concert for her. We are so thankful the DSO took time to honor this wonderful woman."

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