Stay calm, Texans. Don't freak out too hard.

For the past thirty years, something called The Harris Poll goes out to people to determine the most popular brands here in America. For the first time ever, Taco Bell was named the most popular Mexican restaurant in America. Followed by Chipotle, then Moe’s Southwest Grill.

Chipotle has actually won the past few years, but with the stories coming out in the past few months of people getting sick from Chipotle, that knocked them down to number two. Taco Bell can maybe thank their new menu options., like breakfast or the nacho fries, which I learned were their most successful product launch for a new item in their history.

I am not hating on Taco Bell at all. They have been there for me at 3 am on multiple occasions. I will always get down on a cheesy gordita crunch with some fire sauce. My stomach literally growled when I wrote that. But I know a lot of people in Texas are rolling their eyes at this story.

We have a lot of great Mexican restaurant options in our state. You need to remember up north, a lot of the options we have are not available. Trust me, I lived in Maryland for the majority of my life and the Mexican food options are terrible. Taco Bell is actually better than a lot of Mexican restaurants up north. So congrats Taco Bell, now bring back the spicy chicken for my crunch wrap supreme.

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