I don’t usually like to preach, but this is a subject I’m extremely passionate about.

I vented earlier this year about a guy who was driving erratically on McNeil one afternoon, swerving across lanes while doing about 15 mph. Sure enough, when I got up next to him, I saw that he was laughing while watching videos on his phone.

The driver ended up getting cussed out royally by another driver, but he didn’t seem to understand what the other guy was so pissed off about.

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In case you’re the person who likes to watch videos and/or text while driving, here’s why people get pissed at you. Distracted driving is the Number 2 cause of crashes in Texas. In all, 364 people lost their lives and 2,200 people were seriously injured as a result of distracted driving in 2020.

And here’s the thing. People in some states are worse than others when it comes to distracted driving. And sadly, people in the Lone Star State are among the worst.

The website Money Geek recently conducted a study to determine which states are the most deadly due to distracted driving and Texas landed at Number 13 on the list. Yikes.

In case you’re wondering which state is the deadliest when it comes to distracted driving, that would be our neighbor to the west, New Mexico, followed by our neighbor to the east, Louisiana.

We definitely need to do better and it starts with each and every one of us when we get behind the wheel.

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