A lot of folks in Houston have pulled their kids out of school today, but should the school districts just close for the parade?

Congratulations to the city of Houston (Sorry Texas Rangers fans) on winning the World Series over the weekend. Today is a big day in the city of Houston, the championship parade. At noon, the parade will be kicking off in downtown Houston. Several floats, buses and cars will be making their way downtown to show love to the champion Astros.

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What I love about a championship parade, it's free. I know not everyone can afford World Series tickets and many of those fans would love to be there for the team. Today though, they can be there for the team. Thousands of fans will line the streets to cheer on the Astros.

Obviously, some kids are missing school today to take part in the parade. I know if the Orioles had a championship parade when I was a kid, NO WAY would I have ever missed that. What's awesome, some school districts in the Houston area cancelled classes today so that kids could go to the parade.

Some Schools Did Close Today

Houston Independent School District, Aldine ISD, Alief ISD, Fort Bend ISD, Lamar CISD, YES Prep Public Schools, and Stafford MSD all announced they were closing their buildings today. One school district though announced they would be open today, Clear Creek ISD. Which is thirty minutes away from where the Astros play their home games.

This has lead to several bomb threats into those schools on Sunday and this morning as well. Two students have been arrested for making a terroristic threat against the school. It looks like Clear Creek is also not budging and remaining open today. So my question to you, should school districts automatically close for a championship parade?

I would say if you're within a one hour drive of where the team plays. Close it down. Let the kids go have some fun. A championship parade doesn't happen every year, it's sometimes a once in a lifetime opportunity. Let these kids go make some memories.

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