You think you're doing a good deed, but this guy doesn't need your help. At least according to this police chief.

Over in Amarillo, Texas, Police Chief Stan Standridge wants to let the citizens know to stop giving money to a panhandler at the intersection of Hwy 83/84 and FM 707. He sits in a wheelchair and people are considered about the homeless man begging for money.

Police decided to investigate this guy and turns out he's not homeless, in fact, he's not even handicapped. They say he lives in South Abilene and a friend drops him off on Saturdays and Sundays to panhandle and makes about $500 a day. Local television station KTXS interviewed a panhandler in a wheelchair at that intersection this week named RJ.

He claims he is homeless and makes if he is lucky, six bucks a day. Standridge said his Facebook post is not about RJ. He still says that giving money to panhandlers does no good for the homeless problem in their city. He says giving that money to local organizations that help out the homeless would do a lot more.

Some people have called out Police Chief Standridge saying he is making this story up. KTXS interviewed him which you can see above. He explains himself in the post and I'm not sure if this wheelchair person is real or not. To me, he seems like he wants to brush past this person and focus on homeless organizations in the city you can donate to.

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