Police were called about a foul odor coming from the apartment.

Back on December 1st, Electra police were called out to the Electra Village Apartments, When police arrived, a foul smell was at the residence and flies were hovering near an open window to the apartment. Police could not get anyone to answer, but got into the apartment anyway.

A dead body was found in the residence. Susan Que Smith then would walk into the apartment that she had allegedly been living in with her daughter and the dead body. She claims the man had died several weeks before police showed up. The body is apparently her daughter's father. Smith told the police she didn't report the death because the man was not allowed in the apartment.

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She was worried about being evicted. Police reported the apartment as unlivable. Not just due to a dead body in the hallway. The apartment apparently had no running water and buckets were filled with human waste in the residence. Rotting food and trash was also scattered in the residence, according to the police report obtained by KAUZ.

Smith was booked into the Wichita County Jail on Jan. 18. Her bond has been set at $7,500. She has charges of endangering a child and tampering with evidence.

I'm pretty sure whoever is in charge of maintenance with the Electra Village Apartments just needs to throw everything out of that apartment. I could only imagine the smell police walked into that day.

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