Walmart is taking a lot of heat for a controversial personnel decision.

A Walmart in East Stroudsburg, Pa., has let go of a greeter with cerebral palsy who's worked at the store for over two decades because he's not able to complete new tasks associated with the job, including lifting at least 50 pounds, maintaining cleanliness and checking receipts.

Danny Ockenhouse, who's confined to a wheelchair, has worked at the Walmart for 21 years. He says other store greeters were given other positions in the store, but the same choice was presented to him:

I just want my job back, and I want to be appreciated. The customers appreciate me."

The community in general appreciated Ockenhouse, which is why it held a rally to show its support for him and started a petition calling for the store to give him his job back.

A spokesman for Walmart greeters can stock shelves, man registers or work near the fitting rooms, but Ockenhouse chose not to apply for any of those opportunities.

In the end, the marriage between Walmart and Ockenhouse cannot be saved. He's taken a job with

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