Those brainiacs over at Boston Dynamics are at it again and I don't know whether to be amazed or scared to death. Maybe a little bit of both.

For some reason robots fascinate me. From the early science fiction robots in Lost In Space and old movies on up to the Terminator and I Robot films. Now Boston Dynamics has a robot that can run parkour.

Parkour! Running through a disorganized area jumping and climbing over obstacles that would stop most people. James Bond and other action heroes do it in the movies. Daredevils do it for kicks and the adrenaline rush. Now Boston Dynamics has a couple Atlas robots that can run parkour courses autonomously. They even do backflips.

Yes. I know it's an amazing technological achievement, and they've designed the Atlas robot to go into dangerous situations and environments that a mortal man couldn't possibly survive, but you and I both know that for all of the good things that these machines can do someone is going to find ways to militarize them.

Sure, the Laws of Robotics invented by Asimov would prevent them from doing harm. But since when have laws stopped bad guys from doing bad things.

Think about all of the dystopian science fiction stories and movies ever written. Did those robots behave themselves like they should?

I think not. They never do.

It always amazes me how the writers of those scenarios can see the trends and potential outcomes long before the rest of us.

I applaud Boston Dynamics and their scientists for their ingenuity, but I'll probably have bad dreams about being chased by parkour running robots tonight.

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