Having your home burglarized results in more than just stolen property; it robs you of a bit of your sense of safety and can diminish your faith in humanity, too. But then sometimes, something amazing happens that restores that faith.

On the night of July 22nd, Cynthia Caldwell was away from her home for the evening. Two of her children, her adult son and teenage daughter, were asleep in the home. Someone broke into the house and began rummaging through her mother’s belongings and drawers. Caldwell’s teen daughter heard them, came out of her room and the young man burglarizing the home left, another male reportedly waiting outside for him.

Caldwell and daughter Mia returned from a camping trip early in the morning on July 23rd. Luckily, no one was hurt during the children’s encounter with the thieves, but money that Caldwell’s daughter Mia had been saving up for her birthday was gone. The Wichita Falls Police Department was, of course, called in and took the report. The investigation had begun, but young Mia was left broken hearted by the theft.

One of the investigating officers, Jeff Li, felt the need to do something more for Mia. At a briefing with Platoon B of the WFPD later that day other officers, also clearly touched by the story, decided to do something as well. Officers with Platoon B took up a collection, bought a card for Mia and presented her with a gift card and cash totaling over $100.

Those of us here at Townsquare Media and News Talk 1290 salute the officers for their kindness and dedication.

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