Looks like we had a special guest in town recently and he decided to show our city in a new video on his page.

Well, looks like I need to check out a new YouTube page. His name is the Nomadic Fanatic. Well his real name is Eric (great name by the way and he spells Eric the correct way). He travels with his cats, “Jax” & “Tara” in a 1997 Ford Coachmen Campervan Motorhome. They travel about 35 miles a day chasing 70 degrees year-round since 2010.

Well on his journey he recently made a stop to Wichita Falls, Texas and decided to explore our city. What are we famous for? Well, the first part of the video is literally in our name. The Falls got shown off here. By the way, I love when he's getting back in his car this was clearly on the first Monday of the month. The tornado siren test was going off.

It took a couple of seconds for him to realize it was a test. Next up, the infamous World's Littlest Skyscraper. We have talked about this place a plenty and the history behind it always a crazy one for out of towners. Don't forget, we also used to throw stuff off this thing. Maybe we need to bring that back?

Next up, Eric got hungry and hit up one of my favorite places downtown, Stone Oven. Glad to see a fellow Eric agrees that the TMNT art outside is awesome. Eric, if you ever decide to stop by again. The signature Wichita Falls meal is a red draw and a steak on garlic. Yo Stone Oven can we get a steak on garlic pizza?

Next something I had no idea we had in Wichita Falls. The largest shovel in Texas is in Wichita Falls? Excuse me?! Why am I just finding out about this now? Legit had no idea this was a thing and now I need to go see it.

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Eric checks out some of the art and antique shops in downtown Wichita Falls. Then finally, it's Christmastime in Wichita Falls so you have to go see the Fantasy of Lights. Always a must do during the Christmas season.

One thing that Eric missed when he was here was the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. I would highly recommend anyone from out of town go check that place out. Doesn't matter what era of wrestling you have watched in your life, you will have a good time there.

Maybe we can get some more people to check out our city and maybe they can show me something new I didn't know existed.

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