Copper theft is big problem when buildings are under construction. This guy was trying to make some quick cash, but got busted. 

Copper pipes are all over buildings when they're under construction. Copper can fetch some good money as well, which is why it's a prime target for theft. The copper here was worth $3.50 a foot and over 550 feet was stolen. The robbery took place at a construction site in the 3800 block of Guinn Avenue.

According to TRN, detectives found 64 pounds of copper wire at a local recycling facility that matched the stolen wire. The wire was sold to the facility by 29-year-old Kyle David Shroeder.

Although Schroeder did not admit to taking the wire into the building, he did admit to detectives that he helped load the stolen wire from his car and sold it as scrap metal for $0.45 per pound for a total of $28.80 that he later used.

Schroeder has been charged with theft of aluminum, brass or copper under $20,000.

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