Oh what's going on in beautiful Wichita Falls today.

It's not a good feeling going out for a night of drinks, then hoping to get laid, and nothing happens. Maybe you're single and you just don't find the right person that night. However, if you're in a relationship, you would hope that your significant other would be there for you after a night of drinks.

Now, this is going to be some he said, she said in this crazy story, but we do know the Wichita Falls police were called out to residence on Oceola Avenue on Sunday. When police arrived they found a woman in the street arguing with a man on a porch. Adriana Sierra told police she came from the bar and wanted to have sex with her boyfriend.

He was asleep and stayed home to watch the kids so she could go out. He told her to get off of him. This made her mad and the two began to argue. She claims her boyfriend hit her at this point. The boyfriend gave police his side of the story.

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The boyfriend told police Sierra had been kicked out of a bar for fighting and came home angry and woke up the three children. He says that he was struck in the head and he pushed her away. He claims that she took a hairdryer and began swinging it at his head. He was apparently hit a few times with the hairdryer.

Looks like police had enough evidence to charge Adriana Sierra with assault and family violence. Another crazy night for the Wichita Falls police department and we all know it won't be the last.

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