It's another episode of 'Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes'.

Montrail Jermain Sanders-WCSO
Montrail Jermain Sanders-WCSO

A man runs from police, crashes his car, runs away and then decides it would be a good idea to punch a cop in the nose. And yes, drugs were involved. You can see where this story is headed, right?

KAUZ reports that 38-year-old Montrail Jermain Sanders rolled through a stop sign on Maurine Street shortly after 8 pm Thursday evening. Police follow Sanders, who then speeds away from the officers and ultimately crashes his car a few blocks away on Kenley Ave.

Sanders gathered something from the floor of the car and ran from officers to the back of home on Kenley. He tripped and fell as he tried to enter the home and, though ordered to stay put, jumped up and tried to enter the house anyway. Sanders tried to stop officers from entering and punched one of them in the nose. The other officer deployed his taser and the fight was over soon after.

During the very brief struggle, Sanders was seen trying to hide a plastic bag under a bed. It turned out to contain marijuana. Officers were able to obtain a search warrant on the home and found 179 ecstasy pills. They also found 19.8 grams of crack cocaine in Sanders car.

Sanders remains in the Wichita County Jail on a total of nine charges including resisting arrest, assault on a public servant, possession of a controlled substance and manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance. His bonds total $326,001.

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