The lengths some people go to in order to get high can often be extreme. And then there’s this.

Meet 29 year-old Benjamin Brent Davis. Mr. Davis was arrested at the Wal-Mart on Lawrence Road in Wichita Falls early Monday morning. According to the TRN, an employee told police he heard the sound of air hissing in the clothing section of the children’s department of the store at around 4:30 am Monday.

Davis was reportedly spraying the can of air up his nose. Why would someone do this you ask? The canned air likely contains a propellant called HFC-134a, also known as  tetrafluoroethane. The propellant is a common one and displaces oxygen in the lungs and carbon dioxide in the blood. This causes hypoxia, a condition that produces a euphoric feeling. It can also kill you.

Davis was found in the parking lot with two cans of canned air. He was charged with theft under $100 and with possession inhalant paraphernalia with the intent to inhale.  And to top things off, he is also facing criminal trespass charges. He was barred from the Wal-Mart location back in October of last year. As of Tuesday afternoon, he remained in the Wichita County Jail on combined bonds of $1,000.

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