When being arrested, there are several things a suspect probably should not do, such as banging their head on the window of the patrol car, kicking the partition between the back and front seat of a patrol car and biting a cop. This genius did all of them and more.

Meet 25-year-old Hazel Walden of Wichita Falls. Ms. Walden was pulled over by a Texas Game Warden in the 1500 block of Singleton on Monday when the officer noticed her driving erratically. Wichita Falls Police were called to the scene to back up the game warden. Hazel decided to have a tantrum and began banging her head on the side window glass of the game wardens truck. WFPD Officers offered to transport her as their vehicle is better equipped for the job.

Ms. Walden’s bad attitude continued in the patrol car, banging her head on the side window and the partition glass in between the back and front seat. As she became more combative on the drive to jail, the officer pulled over and called for an additional officer with leg restraints. The officers pulled Warden from the car and proceeded to put her in the leg restraints. At this point, Ms. Walden decided that biting one of the officers seemed like a good idea. She was, of course, sadly mistaken.

Upon arriving at the Wichita County Jail, Ms. Walden continued with her less-than-cooperative attitude, forcing jail staff to restrain her. Not surprisingly, Warden was found to have been intoxicated.

Warden was eventually booked into the Wichita County Jail. Her list of charges includes resisting arrest, assault on a public servant, driving while intoxicated with a child under the age of 15 and driving with an invalid license.  As of Tuesday afternoon, she remains in the Wichita County Jail.

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