Yesterday, November 1st, representatives from Castaway Cove held a presentation for Wichita Falls Mayor Glenn Barham on the operations of the park this past season. While talking about park improvements that had been implemented, they also discussed the fact that revenues were down for the year.

For this season, the park added a new website, new park mascot, and a hot dog stand, which made for an increase in food sales for the park. Despite these positives, KFDX reports that the park saw a four percent decrease in attendance and an eight percent decrease in revenue.

Steve Vaughn, a representative of Castaway Cove, said that a major part of the blame for the drops falls on the weather. While the park started out the season pacing for record attendance, the amount of rainy days and below average temperatures for the summer in Texoma were a big negative for the park.

Even with the decrease in attendance and revenue, the park still operated at a profit. Mayor Barham pointed out that this has been the case each year since the city took over operations of the water park. Barham said that he still sees the park as a huge asset for the community.

Vaughn says that plans are in place for more promotions and season ticket deals for next year that he hopes puts the park back on track. Though, community discussion seems to think that the problem may not be with the park but with the prices of admission. This especially seems to be an issue when compared to the cost of other water park style activities in nearby towns like Iowa Park and Burkburnett.

For the 2016 season, single-day ticket prices at Castaway Cove were $23.99 for guest taller than 42 inches and $18.99 for guest shorter than 42 inches. There were also many end of the season specials and weekday discounts that made some single day tickets at low as $12.99 per person. Season passes were available for $84.99 for an unlimited pass and $74.99 for a 5-visit pass. Military and senior discounts were also available.

In comparison, single-day tickets prices to Boomtown Bay Family Aquatic Center in Burkburnette were $5 per person. They also offered a single-person single pass for $75, a season pass for a family of four for $200, a family of five for $250, and a 100 visit pass book for $100. The Iowa Park Municipal Pool and Spray Park had similar prices in place.

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