The Dallas Police Department has released new footage of the officer-involved shooting that took place on Friday afternoon at Dallas Love Field.

According to police, 29-year-old Shawn Diamond had driven to Dallas from Maryland to his ex-girlfriend's house. He was arrested on a criminal mischief complaint earlier in the week and released on Friday.

Shawn Diamond (DPD)

The ex-girlfriend told police Diamond became violent as she was driving him to the airport to return to Maryland. Once at the airport, she can be seen removing his bags from her car. He begins beating the car with a traffic cone, the picks up bricks or rocks off the ground and smashes at least two of the cars windows.

When police approached, witnesses heard Diamond tell one officer "You're going to have to shoot me!" Diamond moves toward one of the officers with a brick in his hand and is shot. He gets up and is ordered down and is shot yet again.  Diamond is in a Dallas area hospital and is reportedly in stable condition.

Bryan Armstrong @flashyflims had just gotten off a flight and captured video as the gunfire began just outside the baggage claim area.