The bye week is officially in the books and now the Boys can get ready for Sunday night's match up against the Minnesota Vikings.

Normally I complain about the bye week every year, but maybe for the first time in my life I am thankful the bye week hit where it did. The Dallas Cowboys had an emotional overtime win on the road on Sunday. Plus, we have some key players dealing with injuries. Trevon Diggs, Tyron Smith, and Dak Prescott was walking around in a boot after the game. So, probably best the Cowboys had the week off.

I've been saying that this month was crucial for the Cowboys to build up some wins. I was mainly worried about the stretch of games coming up in November. I really thought the AFC West was going to be more competitive this year so I was expecting close games in November against Kansas City, Denver, and Las Vegas. I said if the Cowboys go undefeated in October, this would rack up wins and prepare them for what I thought would be a brutal November.

Looking at the standings in the AFC West, that November may not be as brutal as I thought. The focus this week is on the Vikings, Halloween night with a kickoff at 730. Be sure you join me before the game at Vaca Loca on Maplewood at 530 for a local pregame show I host. Mention this story and you can get 15% off your meal all Sunday long at Vaca Loca.

Before we get to this Sunday's game, let's take a look back at the best views from the sideline against the Patriots.

Sights from the Sidelines: Best Photos from Dallas Cowboys in New England Last Sunday

The winning continues for the Dallas Cowboys. They have won five straight games and the bye week is now behind us. Before we get to this Sunday, let's take a look back at last Sunday's win up in Foxborough.

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Photo descriptions provided by Getty Images.

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