The Hotter N Hell Hundred has not only become one of the largest and best-known century bike rides in the country, it’s become a major part of the Wichita Falls economy. The City of Wichita Falls has released the data on just what that impact was from this year’s event.

13,103 riders registered and total attendance was over 20,000.

2,515 of these visitors to Wichita Falls were surveyed and these are just some of the results:

  • Guests that have visited Wichita Falls before—80.7%
  • Guests that visited local attractions/restaurant—26.0%
  • Average miles traveled, one way—245.3
  • Stayed in a Wichita Falls hotel—40.1%
  • Hotel Experience
  • Excellent—55.5%
  • Okay—36.1%
  • Poor—9.2%
  • Average Dollar Spending while here—$318.74
  • Plan to Revisit in the Future—79.2%
  • Total Estimated Visitor Spending: $7,199,850.00

The surveyed also compared the 2015 event numbers with survey results from 2013. Total visitor spending was up 5.9%, attendance increased 5.3% and the number of attendants who visited local restaurants or bars was up 4%.

You can read the entire 2015 Hotter'N Hell Hundred Impact Report here