It's a day many people look forward to every year and here is how I would celebrate.

You may hear some folks today talking about 4/20. If you're unaware of that this holiday is, allow me to explain. I will give you some examples of how to celebrate below.

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    Eat Some Vegetable Soup

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    That's right, today is Lima Bean Respect Day. We need to show some love to the Lima Bean. Me personally, I love Lima Beans in some vegetable soup. Go find your favorite recipe or pick some up today. Go get your ingredients at Market Street in Wichita Falls.

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    Eat Some Cheddar Fries

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    Oh, you don't think that's what this holiday is about? How about National Cheddar Fries days. That's right, that's also celebrated on 4/20. Order some from one of your favorite Wichita Falls restaurants. I would recommend Parkway Grill.

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    Eat some Pineapple Upside Down Cake

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    Maybe everyone is talking about National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day. That's right, this is a big holiday on 4/20. I actually don't know any bakeries in town that make this. So just go get your favorite cake of choice and throw some pineapples on top of it. I would recommend Circle M Bakery.

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    Go Sing Some Karokee

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    That's right, it's day two of National Karaoke Week. I think a lot of people forgot about day one, so they're celebrating today. Normally I would say go to Krank It Karaoke in town, but they currently closed because of the coronavirus. So sing along with the family at home.

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    Get Your Pet their ID Tag

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    This has to be it. It's the second day of National Pet ID week. Since most vets are closed on Sundays. Everybody is getting their pets ID tag today. I know I got mine from Western Hills Animal Hospital in Wichita Falls. I can't think of anything else of what could be going on today. So celebrate how you see fit.