Another tragic shooting has left innocent people dead, many questions unanswered, a suspect in custody and those who wish to curtail gun rights screaming, again, at the top of their lungs for assault weapons to be banned.  Every time some idiot does something stupid with a gun law abiding citizens are forced to defend their rights once again.  So, here we go.

What Paul Ciancana did was heinous, repugnant and stupid.  So he used and AR-15 with a 30 round magazine.  So what?  He could have committed the same act with a 5 shot revolver and a speed loader.  Ask any sport shooter worth his or her salt and they'll tell you I'm right.  He could just as easily have stabbed the TSA agents or run them down with this car outside the airport.  It's not about the weapon but rather the individual.  Evil people will find a way to carry out evil acts.  What we must guard against are broad-based attempts to constrict to our right to keep and bear arms based on the actions of a very, very small percentage of the population.

We have to hold individuals accountable for their actions.  We cannot hold our nation's law abiding citizens hostage and demand that they suspend their rights due to the actions of a handful of individuals.  And let's be realistic; it is a small number of people who have committed such acts.  Contrary to the perceptions created in the media, such acts DO NOT happen every day.  America, we are smarter than this.  Don't be lulled into some false sense of security by gun-grabbing individuals or groups who will try to convince you that eliminating 30 round magazines will somehow stop mass killings or individual murders or any other crime.  Evil has always existed among us.  How we deal with it is what matters most.

By and large most of the American public who desire to own a weapon will never use that weapon to harm anyone.  I've been around firearms my entire life.  I've never seen a single member of my family nor any of my friends pick up a gun in anger or hate towards anyone.   And fortunately I've never had to use of my weapons in self-defense.  I hope that I'm never put in that position, but I'm certainly prepared as a husband, father and homeowner to do what is necessary in defense of my family, myself and my home.  For me, it's just part of my obligation as such.

Our right to keep and bear arms is not some archaic philosophy penned 222 years ago.  It is a fundamental part of who we are as a society, a nation and a republic.  It was not written to give you and I the right to hunt deer or ducks.  It was written to give you and I the right to preserve our God-given rights to self-defense; a defense against tyranny and oppression as much as robbery and assault.  It was written to protect you from those who, as our founders clearly feared, might infiltrate our government and seek to destroy our nation from within.  It was written to give you, the citizen, the ability to stand and fight for your home, your family, your state and the nation, should such a need ever arise.  I, for one, will be damned if I'm going to sit by and let the actions of few fools strip me of this or any of the rights I have.  Call your congressmen today and remind them of where they need to stand!

Click here for a link to names, numbers and emails for all of Texas Representatives and Senators in Washington.

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