Just when you think you’ve seen the most asinine criminal behavior, someone comes along to prove otherwise.

Meet 41-year-old Derrick Jerome Williamson. Williamson called Skylark Taxi in Wichita Falls to pick him up at about 1:00 AM Saturday, June 20. He asked to be driven to a home on Blanton Street. When they arrived, Williamson asked the driver to wait. While the taxi driver waited, Williamson allegedly committed burglary.

When Williamson returned to the cab, he had a steering wheel cover and microwave oven. There’s nothing suspicious about that, right?  People are always climbing into cabs with microwave ovens in the wee hours of the morning, aren’t they?

Derrick Jerome Williamson (Wichita County Sheriff's Office)
Derrick Jerome Williamson (Wichita County Sheriff's Office)

Someone called police and alerted them to a possible auto burglary in Faith Village and said the perp left in a cab. Of course, police quickly found and stopped the cab and found Williamson inside with the aforementioned steering wheel cover and microwave.  And he also had a small amount of marijuana on him as well.

Williamson was charged with possession of marijuana, burglary of a building and burglary of a vehicle. As of Monday afternoon he was free from the Wichita County Jail on a combined bond of $5,865.

Williamson’s record in Wichita County goes back to 1991, with at least three arrests for assault family violence since 1998.