As if Florida isn’t getting enough bad press lately, there’s the great “McHooker Caper”.

True story here; you can’t make this stuff up.

It seems last Friday evening, the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office was mounting an offensive against prostitutes.  An undercover detective spotted a suspicious looking 40 something lass and ‘offered her a ride’ (in his car, gutter brain) which she promptly accepted.  Meet Christine Baker-quite possibly the cheapest hooker in the history of the world's oldest profession.  The officer informed the woman he was looking for some…uh…action, if you will and she agreed, in exchange for a couple of dollar menu burgers.  That's right.  Ms. Baker was ready to get down and dirty for some McDouble goodness.  She got the burgers, and some chrome bracelets to go with them.  No word on whether she actually got to eat her ‘compensation’ before being hauled off the hoosegow.

I can honestly say that I have never, ever tried to employ the services of a ‘lady of the evening’, but it seems to me that such a sacrifice ought to come with a higher price tag.  I’m not knocking the McDollar on a bun, no sir!  But surely this woman had more self-worth than that?  Then again, she was in her late 40’s and apparently this was not her first rodeo.   Who wouldn't want to take her home to meet mama?

See, you don’t have to look too far to find someone who makes you feel so much better about just being you!  Burgers anyone?