Now that it looks like the Big 12 Conference could officially expand by the end of the week, there's some fun stuff to consider for a new-look Big 12. New divisions for football, new kickoff times, and rivalry game trophies.

If the Big Ten Conference can create trophies for many of their forgettable annual games (like Iowa vs Nebraska), then the Big 12 can do the same. In fact, in 2017, Texas Tech and TCU brought back the Saddle Trophy for their annual match-up.

Before Electronic Arts' "NCAA Football" video game was discontinued last decade, almost all of the rivalry game trophies for the Power 5 conferences were included in the game. It was a fun gimmick to try to win them all in the game's dynasty mode, but I digress.

Most college football rivalries are born out of some slight, pre-existing geographic rivalry, or hatred between in-state schools.

For Texas Tech and Cincinnati, the root of their new rivalry is a slight perpetrated by former coach, and current Alabama U.S. Senator, Tommy Tuberville. Tuberville infamously abandoned Texas Tech assistant coaches and recruits at the 50 Yard Line Steakhouse in Lubbock on December 7, 2012. The next evening, Tuberville was at Cincinnati's basketball arena being introduced as their new football coach.

The trophy for their new in-conference games should be named after the now-closed 50 Yard Line Steakhouse. The trophy itself could be a giant ribeye with the Red Raider and Bearcat logos placed on top of the steak like numbers on a birthday cake. And if no one wanted to use the name "50 Yard Line"? Well then just keep it simple, and call it the "Steakhouse Trophy".

I am looking forward to the new-look Big 12, and for Texas Tech to win their games against Cincinnati.

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