Not only does alcohol impair your judgment, but consuming too much of it can cause you to do some incredibly stupid things, such as driving drunk, or stripping naked in front of the police.

Irvin Carter is an Oklahoma man, who had a pretty eventful day.  Not only was he allegedly driving drunk, but he tried to run from the police by leading them on a high-speed chase.  He even took off all of his clothes once he was caught.

Last Tuesday, police responded to a call about a silver sedan that was both driving recklessly and weaving around cars on the 100 block of Central Freeway.  It is believed that a Pepsi truck, which was following the sedan, was the concerned driver who contacted law enforcement.

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When police attempted to pull over the sedan, Carter tried to get away and led them on a five-mile chase.  He eventually pulled over in front of the Law Enforcement Center on Central Freeway, before exiting his vehicle.  Once Carter got out of his car, he ignored the officer’s commands and proceeded to strip naked, before surrendering to the police.

According to KFDX, Wichita Falls police took Carter into custody and charged him with a DWI, evading arrest, and causing an accident.  According to police, he also allegedly caused an accident, during his chase on the freeway.   If he is convicted of these charges, it will be Carter’s fourth drunk driving conviction.

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