You can't upgrade from water to bullets to win, man. That's illegal. 

It's that time of year when the weather starts getting nicer and we spend more time outside and enjoy some cookouts. In Spring, Texas, a suburb of Houston, one group of kids were having a water gun fight while the family was grilling outside.

The family had a bunch of people over to their house at the time. One neighbor, reportedly in his 40s, came over to the cookout. At one point, he went to his car to grab some clean clothes and also a gun. People from the party reported him "playing" with the gun. He must have thought the safety was on because the gun went off and hit a 15-year-old in her collarbone.

"It was crazy, like you would never expect somebody to bring a gun to a barbecue, or a family gathering at all," another neighbor told KPRC.

The injured girl was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Harris County Constable Lt. Charles Hoover did not say if the girl was still hospitalized at this time. The man, who police declined to identify at the time, was charged with Deadly Conduct

I'm glad to hear she is going to be fine because some moron decided to bring a gun to a water gun fight.