Testimony continues in the trial of Blayne Brooks, one of the individuals implicated in the murder of Domanic Thrasher. 21-year-old Whitney O’Brien is charged with murder for her role in Thrasher’s killing.

According to reports from KFDX, O’Brien testified that she and boyfriend Hayden Swaggerty were the ‘middle men’ for marijuana deals between Brooks and Justin Love. Love is also charged in the killing. O’Brien reportedly testified that Brooks and Love were buying marijuana in Colorado and bringing it back to Texas to sell.

O'Brien said that on June 2, 2015 she, Brooks, and Love met Thrasher at the intersection of Gunnison and Yuma streets in Wichita Falls to make a drug deal. Thrasher got into the vehicle with Brooks, Love and O’Brien, took the drugs and then tried to run.

O’Brien testified that Love yelled for Brooks to ‘shoot him’ and Brooks fired seven rounds, three of which struck Thrasher. She stated that Love threatened her if she talked to police should he be arrested and ordered her not to get out of the car or she would be shot as well.

She testified the three went to Love’s home and, with the help of Love’s wife Tamilyn, began disposing of evidence.

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