Cell phone video shows the scary moment when a train slammed into a semi-truck trailer that was stuck on the train tracks in Moody, Texas.

According to KCBD, the incident happened around 1:30 pm on Friday, June 25. The crazy thing about it is that the train is going pretty slow by the time it makes contact with the trailer, yet the impact is still so hard that is causes the trailer to explode, sending its cargo flying.

All I could think about while watching the clip is just how bad it would’ve been if the train had hit the truck at full speed. That trailer would have been obliterated.

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The other crazy thing about the video is how close this one guy is to the trailer when it all happened. I guess he knew what he was doing because he wasn’t harmed, but if it were me, I would’ve got the hell out of Dodge so fast it would’ve made your head spin.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

Being stuck in a vehicle on a train track has been one of my biggest (and somewhat irrational) fears. We always had to cross the train tracks to get to my dad’s workplace and I would wonder if there was going to be a moment in which we got stuck with a train headed our way.

Like I said, the fear was somewhat irrational because I was taught at a very young age, that you never, ever try to race across a railroad track with a train inbound. So, there was no way any of us in our family was gonna tempt fate.

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