No surprise, but lake levels have yet to rise at either Arrowhead or Kickapoo.  Recent rainfall appears to have had no impact on the principal reservoirs for Wichita Falls and its water consumers.

As of today, September 22, Arrowhead is reported to be at 20.2 percent and Lake Kickapoo is reported to be at 28.1.  The September 15 report showed Arrowhead at the exact same level, 20.2, with Kickapoo at 28.4, a .3 percent change week-to-week.

Back on August 25th, levels were at 21.0 for Arrowhead and 29.7 for Kickapoo.  While conservation efforts have helped levels remain relatively steady, the sharp drop in water sales brought on by the conservation efforts left city officials painted into a corner on water revenues leading to the 53 percent water rate hike which took effect this month.

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