Wichita Falls ISD Superintendent Michael Kurht issued a statement this morning regarding the profanity-laced outburst of Athletic Director Scot Hafley at the Rider High School Practice field on June 13.

Hafley is accused of screaming obscenities at former Rider coach Eric Ward. Hafley will remain in the AD position.

Ward, a large group of children and dozens of adults were present on the new practice field behind Rider High School when Hafely arrived yelling for Ward to 'get those f*****g kids of my field'. The outburst almost immediately spilled onto social media and Kurht launched an investigation the next day. According to Kurt's statement, Hafley 'was unprofessional and excessive' in his exchange on the field with Coach Ward.

Kurht states that Rider football coach Mark Bindel did not have the authority to grant Ward permission to use the new field.  Kurht states that disciplinary action has been taken in regard to both Hafley and Bindel.  Kurht further stated that Hafley would be working 'earnestly' to regain the confidence and support of the community.

Hafley issued the following statement today:

Dear WFISD Community:

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize for my actions at Rider High School on June 13. I apologize to the staff, parents and, most importantly, the students who witnessed my behavior that evening.

I allowed myself to engage in a public argument that was uncalled for.

Although I apologized to Coach Ward the morning after the incident, I would like to publicly apologize to him as well. He has been a tremendous asset to WFISD, our athletic department and Wichita Falls as a whole. He is a respected role model for the young people he works with.

I apologize to our superintendent, Mr Kurt, and our board of trustees for the time they  have had to dedicate to this situation. However, I appreciate their confidence in me and for allowing me to remain part of the WFISD team.

I know it will not be easy to regain the trust of the community and the coaches I oversee. However, with great leadership comes great responsibility. I am dedicated to these coaches, WFISD and the entire community. I will make every effort to regain that trust and be the kind of leader this district deserves.

Since moving to Wichita Falls last summer, my wife and I have been welcomed with open arms. I have gotten to know many  wonderful people and have grown to love this area. I have enjoyed working with the talented coaches we have in our district and will continue to do everything I can to see the WFISD athletic program flourish.

I know that I cannot change what happened. However, I would appreciate your support as I work to move past this situation and learn from this experience.


Scot Hafley

Director of Athletics

Rider football coach Marc Bindel issued the following statement today:

Dear Rider High School Community,

I take full responsibility for what happened at Rider High School on the evening of June 13. If I had told Coach Ward to keep his kids off the field, this wouldn't have happened. The whole situation could have been avoided.

Before the Facebook statement was posted, I met with Coach Ward alone and apologized to him. I, again, want to apologize to him for my part in this and wish him and Coach Garfield the best of luck in Elgin.

I also want to apologize to all of ROHO Nation. I am sorry if any of my actions caused negative reflection on our great school.

I want to thank all of my family members, friends, players and coaches that have texted, called and shown their support for me and Rider High School over the last two weeks. It is my hope that this incident will not only make me better but make our school better as well. I am moving forward with lessons learned.


Coach Marc Bindel

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