Wichita Falls Police Chief Manuel Borrego released information on the investigation into the motorcycle crash that claimed the life of Wichita Falls Police Officer Calvin Ealey in the early morning hours of September 27th. Ealey was southbound on Kemp Blvd when his motorcycle struck a curb then hit a light pole at the intersection of Kemp and Call Field Road.

The following statement was released by Chief Borrego late Friday afternoon:

The Wichita Falls Police Department has completed its investigation into Calvin Ealey’s one vehicle accident. Lab reports indicate his blood alcohol level to be 0.15 at the time of his accident. This, along with being an inexperienced rider, is considered as factors contributing to this accident.

Calvin made a careless decision to drive that evening with tragic results.


With that said, I would hope that his contribution to protecting this City while assigned to the dangerous positions as a Gang Task Force Officer and SWAT team member, as well as his volunteerism with youth groups, are not overshadowed by this one imprudent event. He served his community and this department faithfully and honorably as an Officer. We continue to pray for his wife and children.


The WFPD has always been an advocate for not drinking and driving and always wearing a helmet while operating a motorcycle.

Chief Borrego