Three men have been arrested after confessing to staging an armed robbery earlier this month at O'Reilly Auto Parts at 2001 Kemp in Wichita Falls.

On October 2nd, WFPD were called to the store around 8:40 in the morning. Store employee Joanathan Saenz-Meza  reported that he had been robbed at gun point by a black male as he was opening the store. He gave the police a detailed description of the suspect and of the vehicle the robber was driving. The robber had allegedly taken two bank bags containing around $2800 in cash.

Police started their investigation of the case by trying to find the described vehicle. They were able to get surveillance video from a nearby business and realized that there was not a vehicle in the parking lot at the time of the robbery like Saenz-Meza had described.

KFDX reports that Saunze-Meza confessed to police two days later that he had made up the story. He then told them what had actually happened and implicated two other men in the confession.

Saunze-Meza said that actually he had just taken the bank bags and put them in a dumpster outside of the store so that one of the accomplices could come and get them. Brian Boggs was later questioned and confirmed that he did in fact come pick them up. He said that he rode a bicycle there, took the bags, and hid them underneath a mattress in an alley in the 2000 block of Garfield.

Next, Boggs rode the bike to the home of Alejandro Villanueva who then drove them back to the alley where they picked up the money. Villanueva was questioned and also confirmed this story. The next day, all three men went to Irving with the stolen cash and went shopping.

Police arrested all three men and charged them with staging an armed robbery. The same O'Reilly store was also robbed earlier this year, but it's unknown if there is any connection between this incident and that one. In July, a masked man stole cash from the store after coming in through an unlocked door before it was opened.