Los Pollos Hermanos has got some competition. Carl's JR is getting into the meth game now.


Remember being a kid and getting that special meal. It came with a burger, fries, drink, and a toy. Don't you ever forget that toy or the meal is ruined. Well it looks like at the Carl's JR in Skiatook, Oklahoma. You get a complimentary bag of meth with your meal.


Looks like a patron went to eat when he noticed a strange plastic bag with his food. He went back and reported it to the manager who got him a new order. Before he returned it, he did snap a photo for police. They came to the restaurant shortly after to investigate. Looks like it was 4.3 grams of methamphetamine.

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Police arrested one of the workers at the Carl's JR. Bryce Francis was taken into custody for distribution of a controlled substance. Even more bad news for Bryce, since the Carl's JR location was within 2000 feet of a school, he will be getting more charges for distribution within a drug free zone.


Police have no way to prove this, but they believe this order was meant to go to someone else. The bag didn't accidentally fall in there they believe. On their Facebook page they left a comment saying, "We would also like to add… if you are the person that was SUPPOSE to receive this order, it is waiting for you at the Skiatook Police Department. Just swing on by!"

I guess the Skiatook Carl's JR has some secret code for meth. Let me get a special Coke with extra of that good ice please.

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