Strange, twisted and outright deviant people have always been out there. We are more aware of them today than ever before thanks to the internet and the 24-hour news cycle. That said, here is yet another strange, twisted and outright deviant individual.

Meet 56 year-old Charles Ransier of New Braunfels. According to the San Antonio Express News, on Wednesday, Ransier was sentenced to life in prison. On March 23, 2015, a DPS trooper found Ransier along I-35, sitting in his truck. He had in his hand a syringe and was attempting to break it. The officer ordered him to stop and when he failed to do so a struggle ensued.

Eventually, Ransier was in cuffs and the syringe recovered. Believe it or not, the syringe tested positive for meth. And that’s not all the officer found in Ransier’s truck. He was also in possession of Viagra, male ‘enhancement’ pills, Barbie dolls, baby oil, balloons, children’s clothing, more meth-filled syringes and…a cooler of frozen cucumbers. And his chest was smeared with candle wax, too. It doesn’t take a psychologist to figure out where this creeps mind was at that time.

Just in case those details aren’t enough to creep you out, there is more.  Ransier apparently has a history of some ‘acts’ with veggies. In November of 2012, a Comal County deputy found Ransier in his truck naked. Ransier told the deputy he had engaged in ‘deviant sex act’ with a squash. In 2014, he was found near a baseball field, again engaging in a deviant act with a vegetable. Ransier also has a previous conviction for a collision in which he killed and Arizona trooper while high on meth.

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