It seems that so much press about police officers these days is negative. This is a positive story born out of an officer simply doing his job, then doing someone else’s job, too.

Last week, a delivery driver for Pizza Hut on Jacksboro Highway was arrested during a traffic stop.  The manager of the establishment started calling the remaining customers on the delivery guys route to inform them their pizzas could not be delivered. Much to the surprise of both the customers and Pizza Hut, the deliveries were completed-by the arresting officer.

Officer Kaleb Criswell made the deliveryman’s final three stops for him to ensure those customers got their meal. Officer Criswell declined to comment on the events of that evening, but did say he was surprised that it had attracted so much attention.

Wichita Falls resident Serena Kubiak took to the ‘Rants and Raves of Wichita Falls’ Facebook page to congratulate officer Criswell for his service ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty:

Serina Barnett Kubiak via Facebook

News Talk 1290 reached out to Pizza Hut management for their comments, but as of Thursday they had not yet responded.

This really shouldn't be so shocking. Most cops are good guys just trying their very best to do their jobs. But Officer Criswell obviously felt a need, if not an obligation, to go a step further. It was a small, but kind gesture that speaks volumes about Officer Criswell's character.